The Sunshine Team

Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Somnath Maji

Professional Counsellors

Sr. Psychological Counsellor
Maria Morris
Psychological Counsellor
Yukti Rastogi
Psychological Counsellor
D. Phani Bhushan

Faculty Representatives

Artificial Intelligence
Dr Shantanu Desai
Biomedical Engineering
Dr Kousik Sarathy
Dr. Ashish Misra
Chemical Engineering
Dr. Santhosh Kumar Devarai
Climate Change
Dr. Satish Regonda
Dr. Somnath Maji
Civil Engineering
Dr. Digvijay Pawer
Computer Science and Engineering
Dr Rogers Mathew
Dr. Neel. K.
Electrical Engineering
Dr. Kaushik Nayak
Engineering Science
Dr. Digvijay Pawer
Entrepreneurship and Management
Dr. MP Ganesh
Liberal Arts
Dr. Shuhita Bhattacharjee
Liberal Arts
Dr. Mahati Chittem
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr .Karri Badarinath
Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
Dr. Suresh Kumar Garlapati
Dr. D. Sukumar
Dr. Arabinda Haldar