Counselling Cell

Hello! We are Sunshine, your buddies to talk with. College and hostel are exciting places. But at times they tend to get a bit overwhelming and stressful. It is in those times that every student needs guidance from people who have experienced similar stages in their life and would like to share their opinion about the same. Counseling is often misinterpreted to be an advisory one. We at sunshine believe in helping you to analyze your problem and come up with a solution for it on your own. Getting the help of Sunshine does not imply a failure to solve your problem. Instead it implies your will to take your challenges head on and get it solved by looking at it from different perspectives. This is what sunshine believes in, and helps you to achieve. Be it anything from homesickness, language issues, academic pressure, career guidance, emotional instability, time management, unexplainable laziness, lack of concentration, to losing interest in life, losing confidence, addiction of any sorts, etc. we are always here to guide you. We are here to hear you and help you make the right choices. Identifying and accepting challenges are the first step in overcoming them. Let us do just that. So if you feel any difficulties or have any doubts or just have an urge to talk to someone, why don't you just come over and meet one of us. Let us sit back, relax and have a chat about what is on your mind.

Mentorship Programme

The student mentorship program is aimed at offering the incoming students, an interface to understand and interact with the diverse student community at IITH. With the institute having a strict anti-ragging policy, the program also doubles up as an excellent ice-breaker. The objectives of the student mentor program include: Welcoming and orienting the new students of IITH, Guiding the new students about life at IITH campus, student Gymkhana and its activities, college fests, etc.., Providing academic guidance to the students, Enforcing the anti-ragging rule. On the whole the program aims to provide the incoming students with a cordial environment to make their transition to the IITH way of life as smooth and fun-filled as possible. Under the ambit of the program various activities are planned, especially during the first fortnight of the semester to get the incoming students involved in various activities at the institute. These activities could include anything like movie nights, Gaming nights, sports activities, etc. These activities would be focused on various aspects of life on the campus, including time management, communication and team work. The Student Mentor Program is run by Sunshine, the counseling cell of IITH. The student mentors are selected by the Sunshine counselors through an interview and are imparted appropriate training, enabling them to run the program in an efficient way.


Sunshine helped me a lot to adjust to campus life here. I also felt secure since I knew there will always be someone I could turn to.

Supraj B
2nd year B.Tech.

I first heard about Sunshine on the day I joined college; when we were introduced to our mentors. It is a very good initiative, as it gives new students someone in the college they can ask doubts, so they don't feel left out.

Karthik Kanukollu
2nd year B.Tech.

Yeah, my mentors are the ones whom I first consulted for most of the issues. Sunshine events had also been an opportunity to interact with many of my batch mates in my early days.

Sai Manasa Pappu
2nd year B.Tech.

My mentors helped me a lot when I was struggling. So I see Sunshine as an opportunity to lead freshers in a right direction

Dhanush Sahasra Bejjarapu
2nd year B.Tech.

At the time of registration I got to know about Sunshine. In starting days I used to feel so lonely because of less number of known people, at that time Sunshine really helped me.

Riddhi Sahare
2nd year B.Tech.

It is a very good initiative as it helps people to open up to others, as they are exposed to a completely new environment and helps them to cope up with it.

Akshit Jain
2nd year B.Tech.

I feel Sunshine is a great initiative. It is the first family for a fresher away from home where they feel secure.

Harsh Jain Pincha
3rd year B.Tech.

I came to IITH from so far. First day, it helped me recover from home sickness. I got to know many people and made many friends here which may not have been possible without Sunshine. If Sunshine was not there, I might have stayed reserved and alone staying all day in my room.

Athithiya Raj K
2nd year B.Tech.

We often give our happiness the back seat thinking that it will someday come in the future. But, we forget that happiness is to be designed for the present. If you give your dreams priority, you will never have time for fears, regrets and grudges.

Radhika Deshpande
Sunshine Student Head (2017 & 2018)